Reserve an Event Space at Lynn Wyatt Square


Whether you’re planning a dream wedding, a private celebration, a corporate gathering, or a memorable family reunion, Lynn Wyatt Square has everything you need to make your event truly spectacular. With several options accommodating guest counts of up to 2,000 people, you’ll have ample space to bring your vision to life. The venue boasts an impressive array of amenities, including a flexible performance stage, a mesmerizing cascading water feature, and accessible entries for everyone’s convenience. The lush gardens and trees provide a beautiful backdrop, while the street theater adds a touch of creativity to any event. For unique seating arrangements, our one-of-a-kind tête-à-tête rockers are sure to impress your guests. The lighting and sound elements ensure a captivating atmosphere. Reserve your space at Lynn Wyatt Square today and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Entire Space | Max Capacity: 2,000

Reserve the entire Lynn Wyatt Square space including all 1.5 acres encompassing a flexible performance stage, a cascading water feature, accessible entries, gardens, trees, a street theater, one-of-a-kind tête-à-tête rockers/seating, lighting and sound elements. Showcasing sites to see everywhere guests could possibly look, LWS boasts all the right features to make your next event a smashing success.

Central Green | Max Capacity: 1,000

Reserve the expansive green lawn, the focal point of the park for your wedding, private event or conference. This oasis created by a surrounding of mature trees includes a stage for events.

Sidewalk Stage

Elevate your next event by claiming the sidewalk stage.

Gateway Gardens | Max Capacity: 200

Stroll through the Gateway Gardens for your next event. This lush spot remains adorned with seasonal flowers year-round is a delightful spot for any event.


Dale Googer
Sr. Manager, Venues & Events